Law of Attraction

Thoughts are things. As we know that we can go for more than 65,000 thoughts every day but 99.99 percent of them are useless, illusionary, and futile. Only right and focused thoughts can discover who we really are. Each thought has energy and frequency, which travels to the Universe and brings similar things into our life because like attracts like. It means whatsoever you put out that comes back upon you therefore never waste energy and time on useless thoughts otherwise you attract the same things in the form of suffering, pain, and negativity which you do not want. We must focus our attention and energy on what we want than what we do not want. We need to bring more energy for a few powerful, useful, and focused thoughts which come from emptiness.

Powerful thoughts are present at the center of being and useless thoughts are present at the circumference. Therefore, if your mind is chattering it means your outer thoughts are active and stop you from moving into the center of being. This results in a separation from your true being and you are going to lose your true self because you are badly stuck in inner noises. You can`t observe the actual thought, which is already inside, but as soon as you look at the center of your being by dissolving useless thoughts, it is already there which is deeply connected with the Universe.

Each thought is powerful whether it is positive or negative. If you have a negative thought it is equally powerful because it brings negativity into your life. For example, if you have a thought of hatred you are going to attract enmity. Your thought must be consistent, powerful, with a high intensity, and focus, then you are going to attract what you think or want. There is another condition that applies if you have created any weak thoughts which are full of doubt and confusion with a low intensity, end up in creating self-resistance and obstacles within. You are not going to attract the things into your life which you wanted because these thoughts are weak, inconsistent, and unproductive in nature. To say it again: Like attracts like. Therefore, in order to attract what you want, you must have useful, productive, and powerful thoughts as well with a high magnitude that brings everything desired into your life.

Cancer is not a deadly disease but it is a bundle of negative thought energy inside, which comes from negative energy, low vibrational food, a negative environment, and conditioning of our thoughts. All those useless thoughts create negativity in our body in the form of cancer because you have already invited them unconsciously and attract them back into your life. Whatsoever you put out that comes back into your life, like attracts like and this is the way how the Universe works.

All kinds of source energy are available at the Universe and whatsoever we put out as of thoughts, it returns back to us. If we put out thoughts of courage, awakening, and transformation we definitely can meet similar situations in our life. Maybe we can meet with powerful and the right kind of people who can help us to move into the process of awakening, courage, and transformation by whatever ways because this signal is sent by the Universe your way. If we send a signal of thoughts related to attachments, desires, greed etc. into the Universe then we can attract with similar people who are connected with money, business, etc. This is the way how the Universe works and again like attracts like. It is better to take care of what you think because it is directly connected to the energies and experiences the Universe sends back to you.