Laughter Therapy With Dynamic Meditation

Only total laughter can take you to a higher consciousness in order to attain the true self but it must come from the core of your heart not from the mind, then it is blissful. You can keep on laughing without any reason, which does not make any sense because you are not aware, alert, and conscious of it. As soon as you laugh from the heart with awareness it brings joy, happiness, and love.

You can practice laughing and experience it in your daily life. While laughing, you do not think about the past or the future as you remain here right now because you can´t laugh in the past or future, you can laugh only into this moment. As soon as you finished laughing, you can feel that you are free from your thoughts of desire, dreams, ambitions, success etc. and you have already released repressed and suppressed energy into the Universe and now you get connected with it by letting go of worry, let go of fear, and let go of everything. You have already dissolved negativity and you are in a transcendental state. It is part of a dynamic meditation practice as well in order to feel relaxed, calm, and quiet.

Never be serious at all, seriousness is worse than death. Laughter is life, love, and light, which is present in the purest form. You can laugh like a kid with full of awareness and it comes out of ignorance, innocence, and full of curiosity. If they laugh, they keep on laughing without any obstacle, therefore, if you want to laugh with awareness into this moment then you have to become a child again. Finally, you can see that anger, fear, jealousy etc. get dissolved because all kinds of negative emotions continue to be collected inside us in the form of useless and unproductive thoughts.

In the total laughter, the mind can disappear into a no mind state because it is a dance, fun, play, song etc. but not everyone can laugh into totality because they are worried about tomorrow or the past. They have created many problems because they are living with attachments, desires, and they can´t laugh because they feel miserable.

They cannot laugh from the core of the heart, even if they laugh you could feel some ego in their laughter because they are disconnected from the existence and their laughing is not deep laughing but in the form of suffering. In a real deep laughter, the mind disappears.

Laughter is a great medicine and a powerful treatment for stressed people or those who are suffering from depression. In your deep laughter, your guilt, worries, wounds etc. would disappear. If you really want to laugh, you will have to learn how to weep because everything is balance in nature. It means a man of laughter is also a man of tears.

Only a human being has the ability to laughing not any animal, but those who are connected with books, scriptures, beliefs, etc. they have lost the capacity for total laughing because they are involved with collecting too much ego in the form of knowledge. They can be doctors, engineers, accountants etc. It is good but they lack awareness or alertness, a deep connection with nature because they have not gone for an inner journey so far. They have not experienced a true being, therefore, they can´t laugh fully but those who can are meditators, nature loving people, living from moment to moment etc. they have the capacity for total laughter because they are more connected with a true inner being.

Laughing, dancing, and singing are the activities in which the mind stops to think. You can´t laugh and think together because they are opposite. You can laugh while thinking but it is just to impress others because it reflects your duality pattern of life because you are doing two things together but when you really laugh, the mind disappears at all and you are already there because you are the door of knowing. When you dance, the boundary between you and dancing is lost and you are one with existence.

Laughing increases serotonin, which influences moods and behavior. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, headache, and insomnia. Laughing enhances energy, strength, and vigor. It keeps the blood pressure normal and reduces stress and tension.