Health With Wellness and Relationship

Health means physical, mental, spiritual well-being, and social. Regular exercise and fresh organic food like vegetables, fruits are needed for physical health. This is live food and it adds great value to our life in the form of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Vegetables and fruits are natural and light food which connects us to the nature and help us in meditation and healing of our soul. It raises our consciousness because it is high vibrational food with powerful energy and reduce distraction in our mind whereas heavy food like meats increase distraction and bring disturbance in our mind. We can take it in small amount but when we take it in excessive amount, it brings lethargy, sleep, problem in digestion, and create few diseases. When an animal is killed, a hormone is released in their body, which we take in the form of food and it creates fear in our life. Leafy green vegetables increase awareness.

Morning walk is needed for fresh oxygenated air for maintaining mental health. Proper sleep brings mental equilibrium and deep relaxation. Meditation and regular yoga are needed for spiritual health. Taking care of older people and doing charitable work is a part of social health as well. When mind, body, and soul is in alignment then our life is balanced and fulfilled which creates powerful intuition.

Relationship problems such as divorce, separations etc. happen when we are more inclined towards conditional love and live with mind not with the heart.

Mind means attachment, logic, calculation etc. and it brings too many expectations and when we are not able to fulfill our expectation, it leads into frustration and finally divorce and separation takes place.

Not only that, when we live in relationship, we try to ignore each other because we are not grateful, and give less value and importance to each other. Instead, we try to value others, which creates differences, misunderstanding, and inner conflicts that lead into separation.

People are looking for happiness in outer world in order to fulfill their desire but it is illusion because you can find true happiness only inside you. Low self-esteem, lack of self-respect, and lack of trust are the reasons behind it.

We must have a deep connection with nature like ocean, rocks, mountains etc. in order to decondition, deprogram, and dissolve our mind by taking fresh oxygenated air which can dissolve unproductive thoughts into powerful thoughts which can improve our relationships. Compassion, gratitude, high self-esteem, and looking within can help us to much extent. Problems arise when we focus on past and future by discussion and argument, which has no meaning at all. Living in the moment and meditation can play very powerful role.