Courses offered for workshops and retreats:

1- The power of meditation
2- Mindfulness is the way of life
3- Practicing the power of present moment
4- The power of nothingness
5- Stress free life
6 -Live with prosperity
7- Thoughts are things
8 - Transcend fear
9- Live our life through heart versus mind
10- Overcome anger and anxiety
11- Power of breath
12- Nature is divine
13- Let go and surrender
14- Laughter Therapy
15- The power of creation
16- The art of happiness
17- Stillness Speaks
18- Ego and ways to transcend it
19- The power of subconscious mind
20- We are one
21-Health and wellness
22- The power of unconditional love

Extra- divorce, loneliness, anxiety, depression, awareness, relationship and life style, happiness, from sex to bliss, well being, and fulfillment etc.

You can contact him for online session as well. He can share his teaching on Skype, phone, and video conference.