You can contact him for private or group session (available by appointment only).

He conducts workshop worldwide on following subjects

1- The power of meditation
2- Mindfulness is the way of life
3- The power of present moment
4- The power of nothingness
5- Stress free life
6 -Live with prosperity
7- Thoughts are things
8 - Transcend fear
9- Live our life through heart versus mind
10- Overcome anger and anxiety
11- Power of breath
12- Nature is divine
13- Let go and surrender
14- Laughter Therapy
15- The power of creation
16- The art of happiness
17- Stillness Speaks
18- Ego and ways to transcend it
19- The power of subconscious mind
20- We are one
21-Health and wellness
22- The power of unconditional love

Extra - divorce, loneliness, anxiety, depression, awareness, relationship and life style, happiness, from sex to bliss, well being, and fulfillment etc.

For Online/ Private Session through Skype, Phone, and Video Conference.