Alignment Between Spirituality And Materialism

You need a basic necessity to sustain your life but on the top of it, if you enjoy with freedom and understanding the deeper meaning of life then you can live in peace and bliss, which attracts prosperity but problems happen when you miss this beautiful moment of life by thinking that only materialistic life is everything, then it is illusion. On the other hand, if you do not have a basic necessity then how can you put total time and energy for spirituality? You can not, because you need to struggle hard but once we achieved it then you can move towards spirituality.

For example, if you are busy in work every day then you need to spare time in the morning for meditation. 

We are busy in accumulating money, which is again wrong, but rather we need to use money as a utility to fulfill our need. We can still have money and enjoy luxurious life but we must not attach or cling to it but still we have to put total time and energy for understanding the deeper meaning of life then our life can be blissful and we can expand our life in all direction but very few of us are able to maintain this equilibrium or alignment.

Avoid the extreme of thinking. Try to find the middle path or equanimity then you can balance between materialism and spiritualism.